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Understanding How Often to Feed Your Bearded Dragon

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If you’re a proud proprietor of a bearded dragon, you know the way necessary it’s to guarantee they’ve a wholesome and balanced food plan. Part of this contains understanding how typically to feed your bearded dragon.

The feeding frequency to your bearded dragon will rely upon numerous components resembling their age, measurement, and general well being. Establishing a feeding schedule may also help guarantee they obtain the suitable sorts and quantities of meals for his or her dietary wants.

In this text, we’ll cowl every little thing you want to find out about feeding your bearded dragon, together with making a feeding schedule, understanding feeding frequency, and addressing any feeding challenges that will come up. Let’s dive in and discover how to preserve a nutritious diet for the one that you love bearded dragon.

So, how typically do you have to feed your bearded dragon? Let’s discover out within the following sections.

Establishing a Feeding Schedule for Your Bearded Dragon

Creating a feeding schedule to your bearded dragon is essential to guarantee they obtain the suitable steadiness of vitamins. As omnivores, their food plan ought to include each bugs and greens. Here’s a information to establishing a feeding schedule to your bearded dragon:

Determine the Appropriate Meal Frequency

Bearded dragons require totally different feeding frequencies at numerous levels of their life. Baby bearded dragons want to be fed extra typically than grownup bearded dragons. Generally, child bearded dragons require two to three small meals per day, whereas grownup bearded dragons require one to two bigger meals per day.

Select the Right Foods

Ensure that you simply present a balanced food plan that features each bugs and greens. Some staple insect choices embody crickets, mealworms, and Dubia roaches. Vegetables ought to make up about 25-30% of their food plan and may embody kale, collard greens, carrots, and squash. Avoid feeding your bearded dragon citrus fruits, spinach, and rhubarb as they’ll trigger kidney issues.

Measure the Food Amounts

It’s necessary you don’t overfeed your bearded dragon as they’ll change into simply overweight. Adult bearded dragons must be fed about 10-15 bugs per meal. Baby bearded dragons must be given round 20 bugs per meal, relying on the age and measurement of the dragon.

Provide Fresh Water

Ensure your bearded dragon has entry to contemporary water on daily basis. Consider offering the water in a shallow dish to stop drowning.

Following these steps will make it easier to create a feeding schedule that works to your bearded dragon. By offering the correct quantity and number of meals, you possibly can assist guarantee your dragon stays wholesome and pleased.

Factors Influencing Bearded Dragon Feeding Frequency

Bearded dragons have particular dietary necessities, and their feeding frequency could be influenced by numerous components. Understanding these components is important to preserve optimum well being and wellbeing to your pet. Here are among the components that may affect how typically you need to feed your bearded dragon:


The age of your bearded dragon tremendously impacts its feeding frequency. Young dragons require extra frequent meals as they develop and develop. Baby bearded dragons typically want to eat two to 3 times a day, whereas grownup bearded dragons could be fed a couple of times a day.


The measurement of your bearded dragon is one other issue that influences its feeding frequency. A smaller bearded dragon would require smaller meals and extra frequent feedings than a bigger dragon. It’s necessary to regulate the feeding schedule primarily based on the scale of your dragon to stop overfeeding or underfeeding.

Activity Level

The exercise degree of your bearded dragon may have an effect on its feeding frequency. More energetic dragons might require extra frequent meals than these which might be much less energetic. In normal, a wholesome and energetic bearded dragon may have a wholesome urge for food and eat effectively.

Overall Health

The general well being of your bearded dragon will even influence its feeding frequency. A sick or injured dragon might not have the urge for food for normal feedings, whereas a wholesome dragon may have a wholesome urge for food.

Signs of Hunger or Overfeeding

It’s important to monitor your bearded dragon’s food plan and feeding frequency intently. Signs of starvation or overfeeding can point out that changes could also be obligatory. Signs of starvation might embody decreased exercise ranges, weight reduction, and lethargy. Signs of overfeeding might embody weight problems, lethargy, and digestive points.

By contemplating these components and monitoring your bearded dragon’s well being, exercise degree, and habits, you possibly can set up an acceptable feeding schedule that may preserve optimum well being and wellbeing to your pet.

Feeding Recommendations for Baby Bearded Dragons

When it comes to feeding child bearded dragons, it is necessary to perceive their distinctive dietary wants. These younger reptiles require a food plan that’s excessive in protein and calcium to help their development and growth.

Here is a pattern feeding schedule for a child bearded dragon:

Time of DayFoodAmount
MorningSmall crickets or mealworms3-5 bugs
AfternoonSalad greens (kale, collard greens, mustard greens)A number of leaves, chopped
EveningSmall crickets or mealworms3-5 bugs

It’s necessary to mud the bugs with a calcium complement to be sure that your child bearded dragon is getting sufficient of this important nutrient. You may provide small quantities of greens, resembling squash or carrots, to complement their food plan.

As your child bearded dragon grows, you possibly can regularly enhance the scale and frequency of their feedings. Monitor their weight and general well being to be sure that they’re thriving on their food plan.

Remember to at all times present contemporary water to your child bearded dragon and to clear their feeding space often to stop the unfold of micro organism.

Feeding Recommendations for Adult Bearded Dragons

Now that your bearded dragon is an grownup, their dietary wants have modified. Feeding frequency will probably be much less frequent however the quantity of meals supplied ought to enhance to compensate for his or her measurement and better vitality wants.

rule of thumb for grownup bearded dragons is to feed them as soon as a day. However, you possibly can regulate this primarily based on their urge for food and exercise degree. If they’re much less energetic or present a lower in urge for food, you possibly can scale back feeding to each different day.

When it comes to the quantity of meals, purpose to provide them about 20% of their physique weight in bugs and 80% in greens. This interprets to round 30-60 crickets or different bugs per feeding session, and a mixture of leafy greens, greens, and fruit. You may provide them protein sources like cooked rooster or eggs as soon as every week.

It’s necessary to observe that feeding your bearded dragon an excessive amount of or too little can lead to well being issues. Signs of overfeeding embody weight problems, lethargy, and runny or watery droppings. On the opposite hand, indicators of underfeeding embody weight reduction, decreased urge for food, and sunken eyes.

By monitoring your bearded dragon’s weight and adjusting their feeding schedule as wanted, you possibly can guarantee they’re getting the correct quantity of meals to thrive.

Handling Feeding Challenges and Special Circumstances

Feeding your bearded dragon can typically current challenges, however there are methods you should utilize to overcome them and preserve a nutritious diet to your pet.

Dealing with Picky Eaters

If your bearded dragon is a choosy eater, it may be irritating making an attempt to discover a food plan they’ll settle for. One method is to provide a wide range of meals, together with several types of bugs and greens, and observing what they like. Experimenting with totally different meals smells and textures may assist entice them to eat. If obligatory, seek the advice of with a veterinarian to be certain that there aren’t any underlying well being points inflicting the choosy consuming.

Handling Digestive Issues

Some bearded dragons might expertise digestive issues, resembling constipation or diarrhea. To stop these points, ensure you are feeding them acceptable meals and providing loads of water to drink. If you discover any indicators of digestive discomfort, converse with a veterinarian for recommendation on how to modify their food plan or present drugs to assist alleviate the signs.

Responding to Seasonal Changes

In their pure atmosphere, bearded dragons undergo durations of hibernation or decreased exercise through the cooler months of the 12 months. During these instances, chances are you’ll discover adjustments of their urge for food or consuming habits. It’s important to scale back their feeding frequency and regulate their food plan accordingly to stop metabolic points or weight problems. Consult with a veterinarian to decide the very best method for feeding throughout seasonal adjustments.

With endurance and variations, you possibly can efficiently deal with any feeding challenges or particular circumstances that come up along with your bearded dragon. Remember to seek the advice of along with your veterinarian if in case you have any issues about their food plan or digestive well being.

Monitoring and Adjusting Your Bearded Dragon’s Feeding Schedule

Regularly monitoring and adjusting your bearded dragon’s feeding schedule is essential to guarantee they’re receiving the right vitamin and sustaining a wholesome weight.

Recognizing Signs of Underfeeding

If your bearded dragon seems to be losing a few pounds or isn’t as energetic as standard, they might be underfed. You can regulate their feeding schedule by growing the quantity of meals they obtain or by providing meals extra regularly. Be certain to monitor their weight and exercise degree to be certain that they’re responding positively to the elevated feedings.

Recognizing Signs of Overfeeding

Overfeeding can lead to weight achieve and well being issues in bearded dragons. Signs of overfeeding embody lethargy, lack of urge for food, and decreased exercise degree. If you believe you studied your bearded dragon is overfed, you possibly can regulate their feeding schedule by decreasing the amount of meals or lowering the frequency of feedings.

Factors to Consider when Adjusting Feeding Schedule

When adjusting your bearded dragon’s feeding schedule, take into account components resembling their age, measurement, and well being standing. For instance, older bearded dragons might require much less meals, whereas rising child bearded dragons might have extra frequent feedings. Additionally, exercise degree and seasonal adjustments may influence their dietary wants, so ensure to monitor these components as effectively.

Remember to at all times provide a wide range of meals choices, together with greens and protein sources, to guarantee your bearded dragon is receiving a balanced food plan. And in case you are ever uncertain about how typically to feed your bearded dragon or what forms of meals to provide, seek the advice of with a veterinarian or reptile vitamin specialist for steerage.

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