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Why Isn’t My Bearded Dragon Growing? Understand Your Pet’s Growth

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If you have observed that your bearded dragon is not rising as anticipated, there could also be underlying development points to discover. Stunted or gradual development will be attributable to a variety of things, together with feeding issues and well being points. It’s important to determine and deal with these considerations early on to make sure your pet is wholesome and rising correctly.

Some attainable causes in your bearded dragon’s lack of development embody insufficient diet, poor habitat situations, and underlying well being points. Feeding issues, similar to an unbalanced weight loss program, can negatively influence a bearded dragon’s development price and total well being. Similarly, well being points similar to respiratory infections, metabolic bone illness, and parasites can even hinder your pet’s growth.

By understanding the potential causes of development issues, you may take the mandatory steps to handle them. Proper feeding and diet, together with offering an acceptable habitat and common vet checkups, are important for sustaining your bearded dragon’s well being and selling wholesome development.

In the next sections, we’ll delve deeper into the assorted components that may influence a bearded dragon’s development. We’ll present knowledgeable insights on bearded dragon development phases, environmental components, diet and feeding issues, widespread well being points, and monitoring development indicators. By following these pointers, you may guarantee your bearded dragon is rising healthily and fortunately.

Understanding Bearded Dragon Growth Stages and Rates

Bearded dragons, like most residing beings, undergo completely different phases of development all through their lives. Understanding these phases is essential to make sure your pet is growing at a wholesome price. Here, we’ll present an summary of the everyday development phases and charges for bearded dragons.

Bearded Dragon Growth Stages

Bearded dragons undergo a number of development phases, from hatchling to grownup. The typical development phases for bearded dragons are:

Hatchling0-3 months outdated
Juvenile3-12 months outdated
Sub-Adult12-18 months outdated
Adult18+ months outdated

It’s necessary to notice that these development phases are tough estimates and may range relying on components similar to genetics, atmosphere, and diet.

Bearded Dragon Growth Rates

Bearded dragons develop at completely different charges relying on their age and intercourse. Hatchling bearded dragons can develop as much as an inch per week, whereas sub-adults develop at a slower tempo of round 2-3 inches per 30 days. Adult bearded dragons usually cease rising at round 18 months outdated.

It’s essential to watch your bearded dragon’s development price to make sure they’re growing at a wholesome tempo. If you discover your bearded dragon rising slower than anticipated or not rising in any respect, it might be an indication of an underlying well being challenge or environmental downside.

Keep in thoughts that each bearded dragon is exclusive and should have barely completely different development charges.

Factors Influencing Bearded Dragon Growth Rates

Several components can affect a bearded dragon’s development price, together with:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Environment
  • Nutrition

It’s necessary to offer your bearded dragon with an acceptable atmosphere, weight loss program, and care to make sure they’ll develop at a wholesome price.

Environmental Factors Affecting Bearded Dragon Growth

As with all residing creatures, environmental components play an important position within the development and growth of bearded dragons. Providing an acceptable habitat is crucial to making sure your pet grows at a wholesome tempo. Let’s discover some key indicators to contemplate when creating an appropriate atmosphere in your bearded dragon:

Bearded Dragon Habitat

A snug and spacious enclosure is essential for a bearded dragon’s development. A tank that’s too small or cramped can restrict motion and hinder growth. Aim to offer an enclosure that’s a minimum of 40 gallons, with loads of house in your bearded dragon to maneuver round. Additionally, ensure the enclosure has a safe lid to stop the dragon from escaping and to keep up a secure atmosphere.

Bearded Dragon Temperature

Regulating temperature is essential for a bearded dragon’s well being and development. Bearded dragons require a basking spot with a temperature of 100-110°F (37.7-43.3°C), and a cooler space with a temperature of round 80°F (26.7°C). To obtain this, use a basking mild and a warmth lamp with a thermostat to keep up the best temperature vary. Ensure there’s a temperature gradient throughout the enclosure, permitting your bearded dragon to maneuver between hotter and cooler areas as wanted.

Bearded Dragon Lighting

Bearded dragons additionally require publicity to the proper of lighting to advertise wholesome development. UVB lighting is crucial for a bearded dragon’s bone well being and total wellbeing. Use a UVB mild with a energy of 5.0 or 10.0 and change it each 6-12 months to make sure most effectiveness. Additionally, present a day-night cycle through the use of a timer to simulate pure mild patterns.

Bearded Dragon Enclosure Size

In addition to offering a spacious enclosure, it is also necessary to make sure that the enclosure is appropriately sized in your bearded dragon’s age and dimension. A juvenile bearded dragon might require a smaller tank, with a bigger enclosure supplied as they develop. Take into consideration the scale of all decor and constructions throughout the enclosure, as bearded dragons require ample house to maneuver round and climb on.

By taking these components into consideration, you may create an optimum habitat in your bearded dragon, offering an atmosphere that helps wholesome development and growth.

Nutrition and Feeding Considerations for Bearded Dragon Growth

Proper diet is crucial for supporting wholesome development in bearded dragons. A balanced weight loss program that meets your pet’s dietary wants is essential to make sure optimum growth and forestall development points.

Bearded Dragon Diet

The preferrred bearded dragon weight loss program ought to embody a balanced mixture of protein, greens, and bugs that meet your pet’s distinctive dietary necessities. Protein sources can embody bugs similar to crickets, mealworms, and dubia roaches. Vegetables similar to collard greens, kale, and carrots can present important nutritional vitamins and minerals. It can be necessary so as to add calcium-rich meals, similar to calcium-dusted bugs and calcium dietary supplements, to stop metabolic bone illness.

Bearded Dragon Feeding Schedule

Bearded dragons ought to be fed each day, with the quantity and frequency various relying on their age and dimension. Younger dragons require extra frequent feedings than adults. A common rule of thumb is to supply as many bugs as your bearded dragon can devour in 10-Quarter-hour and take away any uneaten meals to stop bacterial development. Vegetables also needs to be supplied each day, and recent water ought to be accessible always.

Bearded Dragon Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

In addition to a balanced weight loss program, bearded dragons additionally require vitamin and mineral dietary supplements to keep up their well being. These dietary supplements will be added to their meals or water and will embody calcium and vitamin D3 to stop metabolic bone illness. It is really useful to keep away from dietary supplements that comprise phosphorus, as it could possibly intrude with calcium absorption.

By guaranteeing a correct weight loss program composition, feeding schedule, and complement routine, you may help wholesome development in your bearded dragon.

Common Health Issues Impacting Bearded Dragon Growth

Despite your finest efforts to offer a wholesome and nurturing atmosphere in your bearded dragon, there are nonetheless some widespread well being points that may influence their development.


Bearded dragons will be inclined to parasites, similar to worms and mites, which might have an effect on their development and total well being. Signs of parasite infestation embody weight reduction, lack of urge for food, and lethargy. If you watched your bearded dragon has parasites, seek the advice of with a veterinarian for correct analysis and remedy.

Respiratory Infection

A respiratory an infection can even trigger development points in bearded dragons. Symptoms embody wheezing, open-mouth respiratory, and discharge from the nostril or mouth. A respiratory an infection will be attributable to poor hygiene, insufficient temperature management, or different environmental components. If you watched your bearded dragon has a respiratory an infection, search veterinary care instantly.

Metabolic Bone Disease

Bearded dragons are vulnerable to metabolic bone illness, which might outcome from an absence of calcium, vitamin D, or different important vitamins. Signs of metabolic bone illness embody weak or deformed bones, issue shifting, and seizures. To stop metabolic bone illness, guarantee your bearded dragon is receiving a balanced weight loss program with correct dietary supplements and entry to ample UVB lighting.

By staying vigilant for indicators of those well being points and taking immediate motion, you may assist guarantee your bearded dragon maintains wholesome development and growth.

Observing the Signs of Bearded Dragon Growth Problems

To guarantee your bearded dragon is rising at a wholesome tempo, it is necessary to watch its weight and physique situation recurrently. One great tool for monitoring your pet’s development is a bearded dragon development chart. This chart gives you an thought of what to anticipate at every stage of growth and might help you determine any potential development points early on.

When observing your bearded dragon’s weight, it is important to make use of a dependable scale. A digital scale that may measure in grams is right for accuracy. Your bearded dragon ought to achieve weight steadily because it grows, with wholesome weight achieve starting from 1-3 grams per week for juvenile dragons and 3-5 grams per 30 days for grownup dragons.

Body situation can be an necessary issue to contemplate when monitoring your bearded dragon’s development. A wholesome bearded dragon ought to have a muscular physique with good total physique tone. You ought to be capable of really feel its ribs with out making use of strain, and it ought to have a agency stomach that is not too plump or too skinny.

Signs of development issues to be careful for embody weight reduction or achieve that is exterior the wholesome vary, lack of muscle tone, and a distended or sunken stomach. If you discover any of those indicators or in case your bearded dragon is not rising as anticipated, it is important to seek the advice of along with your veterinarian.

Promoting Healthy Growth in Bearded Dragons

As a accountable bearded dragon proprietor, selling wholesome development in your pet ought to be a prime precedence. Here are some knowledgeable ideas to make sure your pet is rising as anticipated:


Encourage bodily exercise in your bearded dragon by offering ample house to maneuver round. This can embody including climbing constructions and even taking your pet out for supervised walks in a secure and safe outside space. Exercise helps stimulate development and can even stop weight problems, which might hinder development.

Stress Management

Stress can negatively influence a bearded dragon’s development, so it is necessary to create a cushty and calm atmosphere in your pet. This consists of offering hiding spots and minimizing loud noises or sudden actions. Additionally, keep away from overcrowding in a shared enclosure, which might trigger stress and development issues.

Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary care is essential to make sure your bearded dragon is wholesome and rising as anticipated. Schedule routine well being check-ups with a reptile veterinarian to watch your pet’s development and determine any potential points. Prompt remedy of any well being considerations might help stop development issues and promote wholesome growth.

By following these knowledgeable recommendations on selling wholesome development in your bearded dragon, you may guarantee your pet reaches its full development potential and lives a contented, wholesome life. Remember to watch your pet’s development recurrently and search veterinary care should you discover any regarding modifications.

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