what size tank should a bearded dragon have

What Size Tank Should a Bearded Dragon Have? Find Out Here!

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If you are a proud proprietor of a bearded dragon, you have to be questioning what dimension tank it is best to get on your pet. A bearded dragon’s tank dimension is essential to its total well-being and happiness. As a accountable pet proprietor, it’s essential make sure you present a appropriate residing house on your pet to thrive.

So, what dimension tank ought to a bearded dragon have? Well, the reply to this query relies on a number of elements, together with the dimensions, age, and exercise degree of your pet. To make sure you present the optimum tank dimension on your bearded dragon, it’s essential take into account these elements rigorously.

In the next sections, we’ll talk about intimately the perfect tank dimension for a bearded dragon, the elements to contemplate, the really useful tank dimension, the minimal tank dimension, and creating a appropriate tank atmosphere on your pet. By the top of this text, you’ll have all the knowledge it’s essential create the proper residing house on your bearded dragon.

So let’s get began and discover out what dimension tank your bearded dragon wants!

Factors to Consider for Bearded Dragon Tank Size

When it involves selecting the best tank dimension on your bearded dragon, there are a number of elements to contemplate. By taking these elements under consideration, you may be sure that your pet has a comfy residing house that meets its wants.

Age of Your Bearded Dragon

The age of your bearded dragon is an important issue to contemplate when deciding on a tank dimension. Younger bearded dragons require smaller tanks, whereas mature bearded dragons want extra space. As a normal rule, a 20-gallon tank is appropriate for child bearded dragons, whereas juvenile bearded dragons require a minimal of a 40-gallon tank. Adult bearded dragons, then again, require a tank that’s not less than 75 gallons in dimension.

Size of Your Bearded Dragon

The dimension of your bearded dragon is one other essential issue to contemplate when selecting the best tank dimension. Smaller bearded dragons require much less house, whereas bigger bearded dragons want extra room to maneuver round. To decide the suitable tank dimension, measure your bearded dragon from the tip of its snout to the bottom of its tail. The tank needs to be not less than one and a half instances the size of your bearded dragon to supply enough house.

Activity Level of Your Bearded Dragon

The exercise degree of your bearded dragon can be a issue to contemplate when deciding on a tank dimension. More energetic bearded dragons require extra space to maneuver round and discover their atmosphere. If your bearded dragon is especially energetic, you might want to supply a bigger tank to accommodate its wants.

By contemplating these elements, you may decide the perfect tank dimension on your bearded dragon. Remember that a bearded dragon’s residing house has a important impression on its well being and well-being, so it is important to decide on a tank dimension that meets its wants.

Recommended Tank Size for Bearded Dragons

When it involves creating the proper residing house on your bearded dragon, dimension issues. Based on the bearded dragon’s age, dimension, and exercise degree, the really useful tank dimension can differ. However, generally, a tank needs to be a minimal of 40-gallons for grownup bearded dragons.

It’s necessary to notice that whereas a 40-gallon tank often is the minimal, it will not be adequate for bigger bearded dragons or these which might be extra energetic. Providing a bigger tank will be sure that your pet has ample house to maneuver round and discover.

When deciding on a tank dimension, think about the scale of the tank. An extended tank is most well-liked over a taller tank as bearded dragons are terrestrial creatures and require horizontal house to roam and climb. The ultimate bearded dragon enclosure dimension is not less than 36 inches lengthy, 18 inches huge, and 18 inches tall.

In addition to the dimensions of the tank, the structure can be necessary. Consider including rocks, logs, and different constructions to create a stimulating atmosphere on your pet. This can even present alternatives for basking and climbing, that are important for his or her bodily and psychological well-being.

Overall, the really useful tank dimension for bearded dragons is a minimal of 40-gallons, with a dimensions of not less than 36 inches lengthy, 18 inches huge, and 18 inches tall. Providing ample house and stimulation will be sure that your bearded dragon is completely happy and wholesome of their new house.

Minimum Tank Size for Bearded Dragons

As a accountable pet proprietor, it is important to supply your bearded dragon with a appropriate residing house. While there’s a really useful tank dimension, there’s additionally a minimal tank dimension that shouldn’t be missed. The minimal tank dimension for a bearded dragon needs to be 40 gallons, however a tank dimension of 75-120 gallons is greatest.

Bearded dragons want a lot of house to maneuver round and discover, particularly as they develop. A tank that’s too small can result in stress, which may trigger well being issues on your pet. Additionally, a smaller tank will not present sufficient house for correct temperature management and lighting.

A tank that’s too small can even result in behavioral issues on your bearded dragon, corresponding to aggression and lack of urge for food. It’s greatest to put money into a bigger tank to make sure your pet has sufficient house to dwell comfortably.

When deciding on a tank on your bearded dragon, take into account that it is higher to go larger than smaller. If you have got restricted house in your house, take into account a tank that’s longer relatively than taller, as bearded dragons are ground-dwelling reptiles that do not climb a lot.

In conclusion, the most effective tank dimension for a bearded dragon is 75-120 gallons, however the minimal tank dimension needs to be 40 gallons. Providing enough house on your pet is essential for his or her total well being and well-being.

Creating an Appropriate Tank Environment for Bearded Dragons

Now that you recognize the suitable tank dimension on your bearded dragon, it is important to create a appropriate tank atmosphere.


Bearded dragons require full-spectrum lighting to keep up their well being, progress, and improvement. Your pet wants entry to UVB radiation, which is significant for calcium absorption. So, guarantee your tank has a UVB mild that covers a lot of the enclosure.


Bearded dragons are cold-blooded animals and require an exterior warmth supply to control their physique temperature. A warmth lamp, ideally ceramic, is right for offering warmth. The basking space ought to have a temperature vary between 95-105 levels Fahrenheit, whereas the cooler aspect needs to be between 75-85 levels Fahrenheit.


Your bearded dragon’s substrate needs to be one thing that is digestible and simple to wash. Newspaper, paper towels, or reptile carpet are the perfect choices. Avoid utilizing sand, gravel, or different unfastened substrates, as these may be ingested and trigger intestinal impaction.


Adding decorations, corresponding to rocks, branches, or cover packing containers, could make your pet really feel extra comfy and at house. Ensure the decorations are appropriately sized and protected on your bearded dragon.

By following these pointers, you may create an acceptable tank atmosphere on your bearded dragon, making certain they dwell comfortably and fortunately.

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