What Do You Do When Your Bearded Dragon is Shedding? A Guide

what do you do when your bearded dragon is shedding

As a bearded dragon proprietor, it is important to know tips on how to care in your pet throughout shedding. Shedding is a pure course of that occurs periodically as your bearded dragon grows and requires correct consideration to make sure your pet’s well being and luxury.

So, what do you do when your bearded dragon is shedding? In this complete information, we’ll stroll you thru the required steps to take to care in your bearded dragon throughout shedding. From understanding the shedding course of to offering optimum situations and hygiene practices, we’ll cowl all features of correct shedding care.

By following these important suggestions and suggestions, you possibly can assist guarantee your bearded dragon undergoes a clean and protected shedding course of, holding your pet completely satisfied and wholesome.

Let’s dive into the world of bearded dragon shedding and uncover tips on how to present the perfect care attainable!

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Understanding the Shedding Process in Bearded Dragons

If you are a bearded dragon proprietor, it is essential to grasp the shedding course of. Shedding is a pure course of that enables your bearded dragon to develop and exchange previous pores and skin. Shedding usually happens each 4-6 weeks, however the frequency could fluctuate relying on the bearded dragon’s age and well being.

The shedding course of usually consists of three phases:

Pre-sheddingIn this stage, your bearded dragon’s pores and skin could turn out to be uninteresting, and chances are you’ll discover a change in its conduct. Your bearded dragon could also be stressed, eat much less, and spend extra time basking.
SheddingIn this stage, your bearded dragon will begin shedding its pores and skin. You could discover that your bearded dragon’s pores and skin turns into flaky, and it could begin rubbing towards objects or surfaces to take away the loosened pores and skin.
Post-sheddingIn this stage, your bearded dragon’s new pores and skin shall be revealed. Your bearded dragon could also be extra vibrant in coloration, and its conduct could return to regular.

Some frequent indicators that your bearded dragon is about to shed embrace:

  • Changes in conduct, resembling elevated lethargy or restlessness
  • Loss of urge for food
  • Dull or grayish pores and skin coloration
  • Visible flaky or dry pores and skin
  • Increased scratching or rubbing towards surfaces

It’s vital to notice that not all bearded dragons shed in the identical method. Some could shed extra incessantly, whereas others could shed much less. You ought to monitor your bearded dragon’s shedding patterns and search veterinary help in the event you discover any irregular indicators or signs.

Providing Optimal Conditions for Shedding

Creating a snug atmosphere is essential to serving to your bearded dragon shed. Here are some suggestions to make sure optimum situations:

ConditionsIdeal Range
Temperature (daytime)80-85°F
Temperature (nighttime)70-75°F
UVB Lighting10-12 hours/day

Keeping humidity inside the 30-40% vary helps stop the pores and skin from drying out and makes shedding simpler in your bearded dragon. You can use a humidifier or a sprig bottle to mist their enclosure each day.

The temperature is additionally vital in serving to your pet shed correctly. During the day, keep a temperature of 80-85°F, and at evening, it ought to drop to 70-75°F. Ensure your bearded dragon has a basking spot the place the temperature is 95-100°F. You can use a warmth lamp or ceramic heater to keep up the temperature.

UVB lighting is important in your bearded dragon’s general well being and shedding course of. It helps synthesize vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption and helps stop metabolic bone illness. Ensure your pet will get 10-12 hours of UVB lighting each day.

Providing a shedding field can even assist. Create a conceal field with sphagnum moss or damp towels to supply a moist refuge in your bearded dragon to assist with the shedding course of.

Now that you realize the optimum situations for shedding, let’s transfer on to managing shedding issues.

Managing Bearded Dragon Shedding Problems

While shedding is a pure course of, bearded dragons could encounter issues or issues throughout the course of. Here are some frequent shedding issues chances are you’ll encounter and sensible options on tips on how to handle them:

Shedding ProblemSolution
Retained ShedIf your bearded dragon has issue shedding its pores and skin, it could assist to offer them a heat tub to loosen the pores and skin. You can even gently rub the affected areas with a small quantity of olive oil to assist the pores and skin to return off extra simply. If the retained shed is inflicting discomfort or there is a wound, search veterinary help.
DehydrationBearded dragons want to remain hydrated, particularly throughout shedding. Ensure they’ve entry to recent water always and mist the enclosure usually to keep up humidity ranges.
Eye Caps Not SheddingIf your bearded dragon’s eye caps have not come off throughout shedding, don’t try to take away them your self as chances are you’ll trigger harm to the eyes. Instead, search veterinary help to soundly take away the caps.
Aggressive BehaviorShedding is usually a annoying time for bearded dragons, which can end in aggressive conduct. Reduce any disturbances and deal with your pet gently. Maintaining a constant atmosphere and routine may assist to cut back stress ranges.

If you discover any uncommon conduct or signs throughout shedding, search veterinary help instantly to make sure your bearded dragon receives acceptable care.

Proper Handling and Hygiene During Shedding

When your bearded dragon is shedding, it is vital to observe correct dealing with and hygiene to forestall any skin-related issues or infections. Here are some tips to make sure your pet’s well-being:

  • Gently deal with your bearded dragon. Shedding pores and skin will be delicate, so keep away from pulling or tugging on any free pores and skin. Instead, assist your pet’s physique with each arms, being cautious to not apply an excessive amount of strain on the shedding areas.
  • Do not bathe your bearded dragon throughout shedding. Bathing could cause the shedding course of to decelerate, resulting in extended shedding and potential pores and skin infections. Wait till your bearded dragon has accomplished shedding earlier than giving it a shower.
  • Clean your bearded dragon’s enclosure usually. Shedding pores and skin can accumulate within the enclosure, making a breeding floor for micro organism and parasites. Clean the enclosure no less than as soon as every week, eradicating any shed pores and skin and sanitizing the surfaces with a reptile-safe cleaner.
  • Ensure correct humidity ranges. Increased humidity may help the shedding course of, however an excessive amount of humidity can even result in well being issues in your bearded dragon. Keep the humidity ranges between 30 and 40% throughout shedding, utilizing a hygrometer to observe ranges.

By following these tips, you possibly can assist your bearded dragon shed its pores and skin easily and maintain it wholesome and comfy.

What to Expect When Your Bearded Dragon is Shedding

Shedding is a pure course of for bearded dragons that happens all through their lives. It is an indication that your bearded dragon is rising and growing, and shedding permits them to take away previous and broken pores and skin cells.

Duration of Shedding

The length of shedding varies from bearded dragon to bearded dragon. However, on common, the shedding course of can final wherever from one to a few weeks. During this time, chances are you’ll observe your bearded dragon experiencing some discomfort and itchiness, which is solely regular.

Behavioral Changes

When your bearded dragon is shedding, they might exhibit some behavioral adjustments, resembling decreased urge for food, lethargy, and irritability. This is as a result of shedding will be fairly uncomfortable for them, and so they could expertise some ache or discomfort throughout this course of. To assist alleviate a few of their discomfort, you possibly can present a heat and humid atmosphere.

When to Seek Veterinary Assistance

While shedding is a pure course of, there are situations the place it may turn out to be problematic. If your bearded dragon is not shedding correctly, otherwise you observe any irregular conduct or skin-related points, it is essential to hunt veterinary help instantly. These points can embrace infections, caught shed, or every other issues that stop your bearded dragon from shedding appropriately.

It’s additionally important to observe your bearded dragon’s well being and conduct throughout the shedding course of and guarantee they’ve entry to wash water and meals. With correct care and a focus, your bearded dragon can comfortably shed its pores and skin and proceed to thrive and develop.

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