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Discover How to Tell Bearded Dragon Age: Your Quick Guide

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Do you may have a bearded dragon and need to know the way outdated it’s? Determining the age of your bearded dragon could be difficult, however with the appropriate strategies, you’ll be able to estimate it precisely. In this fast information, we’ll discover varied methods, reminiscent of utilizing an age calculator, observing progress levels and habits, and estimating age primarily based on bodily traits.

Using a bearded dragon age calculator can present a tough estimate of how outdated your reptile is. By coming into your bearded dragon’s size and weight, the calculator will provide you with an approximate age. However, relying solely on this technique is probably not completely correct because it doesn’t think about different components that may have an effect on progress.

Another technique is observing the expansion levels and habits of your bearded dragon. As they mature, they endure varied modifications in measurement, coloration, and habits. By understanding these levels and observing your bearded dragon’s habits, you may acquire insights into its approximate age.

You may estimate your bearded dragon’s age by inspecting its bodily traits. Factors reminiscent of physique measurement, head form, and backbone presence can provide you an informed guess about whether or not your bearded dragon is a juvenile or an grownup.

Overall, understanding your bearded dragon’s age is essential in offering the appropriate care and diet. As bearded dragons have completely different lifespans, figuring out its age will enable you anticipate its future wants. Stay tuned for extra data on bearded dragon breeding age and lifespan within the following sections.

Using a Bearded Dragon Age Calculator

If you are not sure how to estimate your bearded dragon’s age, utilizing an age calculator could be a great tool. These calculators can provide you a basic concept of your bearded dragon’s age, primarily based on varied components reminiscent of measurement, weight, and size.

When utilizing a bearded dragon age calculator, it is essential to take into account that the outcomes are estimates, and is probably not completely correct. Factors reminiscent of well being, weight loss program, and genetics can all have an effect on your bearded dragon’s progress and growth.

To use a bearded dragon age calculator, you may want to have a number of primary items of details about your pet. This contains your bearded dragon’s size, weight, and age (if recognized).

Once you may have this data, merely enter it into the calculator and observe the directions. The calculator will use this information to estimate your bearded dragon’s age and offer you a spread of potential ages.

While utilizing an age calculator could be a helpful start line, take into account that the outcomes must be taken with a grain of salt. Observing your bearded dragon’s habits, progress levels, and bodily traits can offer you further insights into their age.

Remember, bearded dragons can reside up to 20 years or extra in captivity, so it is essential to present them with correct care and a spotlight all through their lifespan.

Observing Growth Stages and Behavior

Observing the expansion levels of your bearded dragon could be a useful method to estimate its age. As bearded dragons mature, they undergo distinct bodily and behavioral modifications that can provide you clues about their age.

One of the earliest modifications it’s possible you’ll discover is a bearded dragon’s measurement. Hatchlings are sometimes round 3-4 inches lengthy, whereas grownup bearded dragons can attain up to 2 ft lengthy. If your bearded dragon is between these sizes, it’s possible you’ll have the option to estimate its age by measuring its size.

Another essential issue to think about is coloration. Young bearded dragons are sometimes lighter in colour with extra distinguished markings, whereas adults have a tendency to have extra uniform coloration with fewer markings. By evaluating your bearded dragon’s coloration to pictures of various age teams, you will get a way of whether or not it’s nearer to being a juvenile or an grownup.

Behavior may present clues about your bearded dragon’s age. Younger bearded dragons have a tendency to be extra lively and curious, whereas older adults could also be extra relaxed and fewer energetic. If your bearded dragon reveals behaviors which are typical of a sure age group, this may also help you estimate their age.

It is essential to observe that whereas progress levels can provide you a tough estimate of your bearded dragon’s age, there’s all the time some extent of variability. Some bearded dragons might develop sooner or slower than others, and components reminiscent of weight loss program and surroundings may impression progress charges.

Estimating Age Based on Physical Characteristics

Another method to estimate your bearded dragon’s age is by inspecting its bodily traits. While this technique could also be much less exact than utilizing an age calculator or observing progress levels, it will probably nonetheless present beneficial insights.

One key issue to think about is physique measurement. Juvenile bearded dragons are sometimes smaller than adults, with a size of round 4-6 inches. In distinction, grownup bearded dragons can attain up to 2 ft in size. If your bearded dragon falls someplace in between these sizes, it might be a sub-adult, which is a bearded dragon that’s not a juvenile however hasn’t but reached full grownup measurement.

Another bodily attribute to think about is head form. Juvenile bearded dragons sometimes have a rounder, extra triangular-shaped head in contrast to adults, which have a extra elongated, triangular-shaped head. Additionally, grownup bearded dragons might have a extra pronounced forehead ridge and a bigger beard than juveniles.

The presence of spines can be a useful indicator of age. Bearded dragons develop spines as they mature, so an absence of spines might point out a juvenile whereas a extra bumpy again might point out an grownup.

By inspecting your bearded dragon’s bodily traits for these indicators, it’s possible you’ll have the option to make an informed guess about its age. However, it is essential to take into account that these traits might range amongst particular person bearded dragons, so this technique is probably not as exact as different strategies.

Bearded Dragon Breeding Age and Lifespan

If you are interested by breeding bearded dragons, it is essential to know after they turn out to be reproductively mature. Generally, male bearded dragons can breed between the ages of 8 months to 18 months, whereas females can breed between 10 months to 24 months. However, it is really useful to wait till they’re a minimum of one yr outdated earlier than breeding to guarantee they’re absolutely developed.

The lifespan of a bearded dragon can vary from 8 to 12 years, and even up to 14 years in some circumstances. However, this could rely upon varied components, reminiscent of weight loss program, surroundings, and genetics. With correct care and a spotlight, you’ll be able to assist your bearded dragon reside a protracted and wholesome life.

It’s important to observe that several types of bearded dragons have various lifespans. For occasion, the Pogona vitticeps species, which is essentially the most generally saved sort, has a median lifespan of 8 to 12 years. On the opposite hand, the Pogona henrylawsoni species has a shorter lifespan of 6 to 10 years.


Knowing when your bearded dragon reaches breeding age and their anticipated lifespan may also help you present one of the best look after them. Keep in thoughts that their lifespan could be affected by varied components, so it is essential to present them with a nutritious diet, surroundings, and routine checkups with a veterinarian.

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